Rev. Jacquetta Y. Parhams, Ph.D.

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  1. Everything around us is based on spiritual principles.  How we move in this world, everything that happens to us, the ebb and flow of nature itself are all based on spiritual principles.  You’ve heard that what goes around comes around?  Have you also heard that light overcomes darkness. Or that what you give your attention to grows? 

    Those are spiritual principles.  Dr. Parhams teaches from the Bible and broader, metaphysical materials.  Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that covers the nature of reality and being.  It examines where we come from, why we’re born and the unchanging principles that govern our existence. 

    Whether you want a message preached or taught from the Bible or a metaphysical lesson, Dr. Parhams can bring it.

  1. Personal Growth

    Are you rushing?  Are you unhappy?  What did you eat?  Is your career swallowing up your private life?  Are you overwhelmed?  Is all this shambles a reflection of your life?
    Poor life management goes deeper than merely being lazy or not being organized, and the more we understand about ourselves, the better we can manage ourselves and the events and experiences we put into our lives.

    In order to make a change, we must put value on ourselves and consider the underlying motives for our actions and endeavors.   Both our Life Management and our Anger Management Programs are designed to bring us balance and peace.

    Dr. Parhams can help you achieve the balance necessary to manage your life more efficiently.

  1. Spiritual Development

    Wholistic Health

    Typically, when we think of wholistic health, we think of eating healthy food and exercising.  There’s more to it than that.  Being wholistic—or holistic, as some spell it—means to work with the whole self, as opposed to parts, to achieve health and balance.  For example, a cardiologist works with a person’s heart and a podiatrist works with a person’s feet.  But they don’t usually check a person’s mental or emotional state in relation to body parts.

    It’s important that we look at every part of ourselves to remain healthy.  Are you resting well?  Are you stressed on your job?  Is your relationship ending painfully?  Do you drink enough water?  Do you have a spiritual practice that helps you stay balanced in the midst of your challenges?  All of that contributes to the status of your health.  Let Dr. Parhams give you information to build your health on.

As a man/woman thinks, so is he/she.
​The Bible
A thought has no other role than to try to become its physical equivalent...All thoughts, whether we consider them good or bad...contain equal power to become reality.
Three Simple Steps, Trevor Blake